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Don’t follow the old ranking procedures. They’re done for good!

The days of autoblogs are completely done and most will be deemed a scam. You may find some marketers whose autoblogs still work fine. It’s possible, but that is no longer the right ways to go, at least not for most of us. It is just a matter of time until Google’s system is sophisticated enough and will kill them once and for all.

If you truly understand the modifications taking place with Google’s algorythm’s you’d immediately begin cleaning or deleting all of your low quality  blogs NOW.

SEOPRESSOR REVIEW REVIEW  changes your ranking

Here’s some of

        Analyzes Title, H1, H2 and H3 Tags

        Analyzes Keyword Density and Content Length

Analyzes The Exact Placement of Your Keyword
Analyzes Images and Links
Analyzes Font Decorations
Intelligently Bold, Italize and Underline Your Keywords
 Intelligently Add ALT Tag to Your Images
Capable of Testing and Rating Each Post and Page
Reveals Your On-Page SEO Scores
Intelligently Gives Suggestions On What To Tweak


If you truley understand how valuable it is to have your wordpress posts optimized for the keyword you are targeting then you understand the power in seopressor. Panda and Google, on-page SEO is one of the most important factors to get your posts ranked.               This seopressor review stresses the fact that most available plugins out there help you choose great keywords, titles, build internal and external link, avoid duplicate content, create sitemap and suggest tags for your posts. But none keep you focus on creating highly seo-friendly on-page post or page, which is the very reason for this seopressor review.

In addition to the above, This seopressor review expresses the fact that I also hired writers, writting quality content. I spend a lot of time doing keyword research and I got Seopressor. I am really happy that I came across this great WordPress plugin and it helps a lot. It’s so good that I decided to write a Seopressor Review. So I suggest to keep reading my Seopressor review and before I will talk about the facts you shoud note that I wrote this Seopressor Review using the plugin.

So make sure you check Google for the keyword “Seopressor Review” to find out how well seopressor actually works. At the time of writing My Seopressor Review I have no idea how good I will actually rank for the keyword “Seopressor Review“, I guess it will take some weeks to see results. All I know is that Seopressor has already helped dozens of my new “whitehat”  (former autoblogs)  sites to increase rankings.  Please take advantage of this product, if for no other reason do it simply because the old ways of ranking on google are now antiquated.

Seopressor Review


Now let me restate the above; There are many products on the market which claim to be the latest and the greatest, but in regards to ranking this is the real deal. It requires very little research to confirm the quality and demand of the SEOPRESSOR.

Start now. Explode your ranking. Explode your online growth by taking full advantage of this seopressor review. Act Now





        It’s no more just a myth that the thoughts, either positive thoughts or negative, you entertain actually are a road map to where you want to go. These thoughts being held in the mind for a certain sustained period of time materialize. It is therefore crucial that we listen to what is already scientifically established and begin the full responsibility of creating what we want.

If this is your first time hearing about how Positive Thoughts Can really Heal Method, you probably reacted just like me at first, “bullshit!” but after reexamining my thoughts after the smoke settled I noticed that I held quite a bit of negativity and the thoughts and fears which I entertained were the very things I struggled with the most. Fear of not being able to pay the bills, fear of losing my job, fear of the economy taking a worse turn and so it goes on endlessly. Then I read a good quote by Dr. Albert Schweitzer which says:  ”You will become what you think about all the time

Rise up and Empower Yourself

         So after much reading, research, and confirmation, about 7-years ago I started watching the thoughts that would come and go from my mind. In addition I went to the book store and purchased a few books on controlling your thoughts. I found Authors such as Eckhart Tolle were masters on the subject matter.  Now here’s a little experiment I did with my wife one day.


Positive Thoughts Heal


One day my wife and I went to the mall to watch a movie, “The Matrix”. On the way to the Mall I held the thought, “I always get the best parking spot”. When pulled into the mall parking lot I drove to the closest Isle to the Movie Theater and low and behold, I got the closest parking spot to the movie. This was one of my first experiences with holding “my own” thought. Shortly afterwards I tried the same technique, only this time with money. I believe my thought was “I am so happy and greatful now that I earn money large amounts of money in increasing quantities on a regular basis”    Shortly afterward I can honestly say that I earned the most money in the shortest amount of time in my entire life.

Positive Thoughts Heal

Or Negative Thoughts Deystroy

Positive Thoughts Heal Lady

I’ve also learned that many illnesses were directly linked to having unforgiveness and negativity. Even if the negativity is “warranted”, such as Government corruption, high gas prices, or even the hate that goes out to someone who robbed you. These hates manifest in the body as sickness and disease.


 Positive Thoughts Heal

If you really want to change your life for the better. The first thing you may want to consider doing is watching your negative company. If you have people surrounding you who have compulsive negativity you wan to be sure to distance yourself from them as much as possible. Their negative pull can be better explained as sucking vital energy from your body. There are MANY books on the subject as well.

If you want to experiment first, here’s a mantra that works very well.

I know exactly what I want, and what I came here on Earth to do.

Say this every night you go to bed for 5-minutes before you go to sleep. It does not have to be aloud. Just repeat it over and over and over………..







 $328,000 in sales today

Had someone told me that we would be doing $328,000 in sales in a day when we launched Empower Network, I’m not sure my mind would have stretched there, yet…

…however, after our first month – I knew we’d do more.

The truth is, TODAY (yes, today) we processed $328,000 in sales for you guys. About another $70,000 or so was processed through other affiliate’s merchant accounts.

What $328,000 In Sales Today Really Means

That means that we’ve ACTUALLY done around $400,000 in sales today.

We’re going to do that every day.

(and double it)


We are the Empower Network. Think of it like this:

$400,000 in sales a day, means people in Empower Network could earn $146,000,000 (yes, million) in 2013.

That doesn’t guarantee anything (see our income disclosure /income.php )

It’s just exciting.

And I BELIEVE we can do more.
Way more…

How are we going to do it?


By helping an unbelievable amount of people have more success than they’ve ever had in their life. I’d also like to ad the concrete importance of having a great team behind you in order to materialize your success. Just in case you haven’t learned by now. It doesn’t matter what program you join. Nothing is 100% automated. As the Bible says “There is Nothing New Under The Sun”.   This simply means, instead of re-inventing the wheel business-wise it is far better to duplicate the top earners.


You see, if you start from scratch you’ll wind up being one of those people who give up because one can only waste so much time before they eventually run out of gas because of their guessing.


$328,000 In Sales Today Was Earned Because of the Team Effort



1. Our team will give you access to the Inner Circle Skype forum which allows you 24-hour support.

2. The immediate steps needed in order to decrease waiting time to earn your first 100% commission. You see, when you chose to trust and follow leader-board leaders the steps to success take a much shorter time.

It’s time to take action


It’s time to take control of your financial future


It’s time to stop complaining


It’s time to receive 100% Commissions


It’s time to pay off your debts





Why Not Make Make Money With Free Crazy Videos

The new craze and the new financial hope for many can be summed up in a few words, Free Crazy Videos.

 Awkward they may seem but boring they are not.

Exploding in growth and competitive as any sport in America, crazy videos are popping up all over the place. Take for example the charming British girls, 8-year old Sophia Grace Brownlee and her 5 year old cousin Rosie Grace McClelland. These two girls raked up 20-million followers on and is rumored to feature in an up coming nickelodeon show.              Talk about a creative stimulus package, I’d say these two kid’s are a little smarter than the average struggling adult…..


You Gotta Love Em!

Could we be on to something here? I mean let’s face it most of the Manufacturing jobs are being shipped overseas but could it be that the new replacement job is creative niche videos? ..or Free Crazy Videos?

And now for another enormous  following, Emerson – Mommy’s Nose is Scary! success


Youtube Free Crazy Videos that pay you Cash


This 5-month old child really freaks out whenever it’s mother sneezes and immediately laughs like crazy. This video is so weird because it appears that the baby, Tyke is actually mentally traveling back and fourth from different dimensions (that’s the best way for me to explain it).

I think it’s better to simply watch the video to really get the gist of things, but the video is completely hilarious. Anyhow, the last time I checked this video raked in a whopping 26-million views. If you truly understand how this one video if used correctly can earn this family millions of dollars you can also understand, used correctly the entire family could actually leverage and monetize the demand for the video.

Someone will always earn money when unique free crazy videos are submitted. Why not you?



Money making viral youtube Free Crazy Videos

Next, let’s look at our next video which received an outrageous 21.3-Million views: Python Easts Alligator.

This video speaks entirely for itself. The Python is so hungry it actually eats the alligator while it’s still alive.


I found the above video pretty alarming in that, I’ never thought it was possible for a python, or any snake for that matter to eat an alligator – let alone one that’s still alive.

At 21.3-Million viewers if the marketing strategy was clearly understood the creator of this video could easily retire by simply funneling the web-traffic and self-marketing to interested parties simply by verifying the number of viewers to their video.

This being done correctly would allow (and probably has) the producer to earn a very substantial amount of money and establish a gateway for further videos to be submitted.



And now for the funniest telepathic talking twin infant’s. Now this one really takes the cake. What the hell are they talking about. It sure looks serious to me. These babies look like they’re really actually talking to one another. God Bless the parents who captured this once in a lifetime scene.   Once again i must state my angle on these precious captures. You can simply make a boat load of money, and why not. Crap, the economy is not in a condition where one should trust in their jobs. I’m of the firm belief that everyone of us should take full responsibility over our finances. No more of this showing up for work to find the doors locked with a “closed” sign on the door….


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Multi Tasking Is The Enemy of Success

               So you say “I can never seem to get anything accomplished” but you jump from one project to another without ever completing any of them. I can honestly say that I’ve also had the same problem in the past and that is why this writting will set out to prove that Multi Tasking Is The Enemy OF Success. Have yo ever wondered why everyone seems to be suffering from this same disfunction?  You may be the victim of the 21St Century Multi-Task disease. The first major problem we seem to ignore is that no one can really multi-task.   That is, at least no human. We have the ability to do one thing at a time and no more. This is how we were designed,  therefore Multi Tasking can only work if a machine or computer is doing the multi tasking. 


Multi Tasking Is The Enemy of Success

                Lets cut right to the chase. we’ve all been lied to. The gadgets like the I-phone, I-pad, Blackberry, and the MCDonalds-BurgerKing-fast food mindset has worked against us.                 These devices properly used would be highly beneficial to the professional business person who required that specific technology. I think one of the main issues facing the tech savvy everyday person is they attempt to utilize apps on their devices out of curiosity. This coupled with the fact that their are thousands of apps out there. Nowadays it’s even normal to text a person at the same party as you instead of walking across the room and talking to them directly and thereby breeding a anti-social society.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are many people out there who use these gadgets properly. My problem is the fact that this number is very small indeed.


Multi Tasking is the enemy of success because there exist NO successful Man or Woman who started off by multi tasking. Talk to the greatest athletes, Movie stars, Business people across the country and you will find they all have one thing in common. They work with a single focus at a time. Nothing more. .

Multi Tasking Gadgets promote disrespect:

If you go out to any public event it only takes a few seconds of looking around to notice that the masses are using their gadgets out of insecurity. Do you really think that most people out there texting “really” have to text? Most are using these gadgets in a meaningless way by texting messages that can only be defined as meaningless- they have no important need.   To increase your value in todays society you want to start by raising your level of “people” respect and one way this can be accomplished is by showing them that they have your undivided attention when ever you’re in their company. I can soon see the day coming when employers will ban all texting gadgets out of the work place unless they are part of the job.

Well guy’s, that my rant for the day of “Multi Tasking Is The Enemy Of Success“.

Encourage your friends to check out more of my bloggs at:   /rexman00799/



 Multi Tasking Is The Enemy of Success



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